For years our seasoned international experts have worked with the U.S. Government in over 80 countries to level the business playing field for local and international stakeholders. This process can be incredibly challenging especially when seeking to create solutions that are relevant to the local population. Among a wide array of projects, we have worked with ministers to economic boards to create robust international agreements and investment strategies, global investors to  sovereign wealth funds to help them understand the nuances and networks of the market, and local lawyers to high-level judges to ensure equitable access to legal recourse.


Our staff of highly-specialized technical specialists can provide business and legal advisory support as you enter emerging markets by leveraging our experience and inroads with public sector entities, international organizations, academic institutions and private sector enterprises. Given the structure of VGA and its locally based staff, we can rapidly deploy resources and strategically adapt best practices that have proven effective in projects across the globe.


VGA’s focus of commercial competencies include Private Sector Growth, Building a Start-Up Ecosystem, SME Development, Regulatory, Administrative, and Judicial services, and Commercial Law Reform. Further, VGA is committed to producing monitorable, sustainable, and outstanding results that are truly adapted to the needs of our clients and their constituents.